gobi is Recyc PHP Inc.‘s trademark, a Canadian company that specializes in recycling of post-industrial diapers rejects to reclaim a clean super-absorbent polymer, a material that absorbs liquid 150 times its weight.

Why use gobi?
  • Made from recycled material
  • Super-absorbent – absorbs liquids 150 times its weight
  • Absorbed liquid is stored as a gel
  • Safe, comes from baby diapers
  • Biodegradable
  • Prevents from adding too much weight in the aerospace industry
  • Recycled in a neutral carbon facility
  • Odorless and helps to control the odor


gobi LWDS

gobi LWDS (Liquid Waste Disposal Solution) is a solution for airlines which can reduce the risk of maintenance problems associated with clogged drains and liquid spillage during a flight. It intercepts leftover beverages before they have a chance to cause blockages in the onboard drainage system.

gobi LMA

gobi LMA (Liquid Mess Absorbent) is designed to absorb messes on various surfaces such as floor, textiles and carpet. Simply sprinkle gobi LMA on a mess and it facilitates the first intervention when a mess happens.

gobi BFA

gobi BFA (Body Fluids Absorbent) is a combination of a super-absorbent polymer, disinfectant and deodorant that allows a more hygienic task when it is time to clean body fluids such as blood,vomit or urine.

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