GOBI – EMERGENCY SINK  is a liquid waste disposal solution for airlines which can  reduce the risk of maintenance problems associated with clogged drains and liquid spillage during a flight.

GOBI absorbent will gelate …

Water  –  Coffee  –  Soda  –  Wine  –  Milk  –  Juice  –  Soup  –  Noodles  –  Fruits

GOBI – EMERGENCY SINK is the solution for any problems of liquid management onboard. It is very convenient for:

  • quick disposal of liquid waste during turbulence and prior to landing
  • avoid liquid leaks
  • avoid pouring unwanted liquids through the drain
How does it work?

It features a water-soluble pouch filled with a recycled super-absorbent polymer which converts liquid waste into a gel that can be managed as a solid waste. Flight attendants can pour any unwanted liquids through the gobi.

Unfolded box easy to store.

It contains 4 Liquid Waste Disposal Kit.

Each kit contains a bag, a super-absorbent sachet and an elastic.

Easy to form cardboard box.

Each kit can absorbs up to 5L for a total of 20L.

No leakage even if the bag is perforated.

You can now dispose the bag in regular garbage.



  •  50 g, 100 g or 150 g is offered
  • Water soluble material

Our standard box

  • Can contain 5 L of liquid
  • 15 cm wide by 24 cm long x 15 cm high
  • Custom prints and dimensions
  • Orange and clear bags are offered

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