gobi Absorbent pouches are made from a water-soluble film that contains reclaimed super-absorbent polymer. When the pouch is in contact with water-based liquid, it dissolves and the polymer gelify the liquid. The generated solid is now easier to manage than liquid. Those pouches garantee there will have any liquid leaks and messes.

The standard pouches are filled with 140 grams of super absorbent polymers, which will allow a rapid absorption of over 25 liters of pure water. Pouches can be made with other quantities of super-absorbent polymers, range is 15 – 140 grams.

About the absorbent material

The super-absorbent polymers is a chemical named sodium polyacrylate, a material that has the capacity of absorbing more than 150 times its own weight in water.  This material is reclaimed from post-industrial diapers rejects (the waste that are generated by diapers manufacturers – nothing dirty!!!) by Recyc PHP inc, which is the manufacturer of those pouches. A perfect exemple of circular economy.

Usage Examples

  • gobi emergency sink
  • Thicken liquids to comply with the landfill rules – Allow to meet International catering waste regulation by assuring no leaks of liquid
  • Place a pouch in the bottom of your trash bag to avoid liquid leaks causing bad smell if your trash bag tears
  • Absorb water before starting a plumbing job
  • Can be used in portable toilets instead of the antibacterial liquid
  • Any application that requires absorption of small quantity of liquids

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