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Subject: Launching Recyc PHP’s new trademark: gobi™

Drummondville, QC: Today, Recyc PHP Inc. is officially launching its new trademark intended for the airline companies. After having developed an absorbent box in collaboration with a major Canadian airline company, Recyc PHP has registered its new trademark (gobi™) and launched the gobi™ LWDS product (Liquid Waste Disposal Solution).

Produced in his zero carbon facilities, gobi LWDS is a water-soluble pouch filled with a recycled super-absorbent polymer. gobi intercepts liquids (such as coffee, coffee beans, milk, wine, juice and soup) way before it creates maintenance problems when pouring in the drain system. This is a cheap and environmentally product for galley liquid waste disposal.

The pouch can be sold individually or combine with our standard box or any other custom-made recipient, since it is a very customizable product.

This innovative solution helps the cabin maintenance managers to:

  •    avoid unplanned maintenance of clogged drains
  •    prolong the life of heat exchanger (on specific aircraft)
  •    keep the bottom of your fuselage clean

Also, this product is perfect for flight attendants because it allows to:

  •    more time to offer quality services to passengers
  •    no need to dispose of liquids in the toilets
  •    less manipulation of liquid waste reduces potential spillages
  •    reduce back and forth trips to the galley

About Recyc PHP: Since 2006, the Drummondville company specialises in the recycling of industrial rejects from personal hygiene products such as adult incontinence briefs or baby diapers. The fluff pulp, the sodium polyacrylate and the plastic are the recycled materials from  the production process.

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